Portrait of Jus SargeantWelcome to my Voiceover and Narration website.

I am a British voice artist with a natural RP accent (having had any traces of the local accent to where I grew up trained out of me during my childhood). I first became involved in Voiceover work while living in Spain (working on a audio tourist guide in Cordoba) and again for an independent radio programme for broadcast by the CBC in Canada.  When an opportunity came up to try my hand at Audiobook narration I was quick to audition and not only ‘got the gig’ but haven’t looked back since.

On this site I showcase the books  and projects that are already published or released. I am not always able to announce forthcoming titles ahead of time but where permissions allow I shall endeavour to do so.

For more information about me or my other work, please feel free to check out my other website, www.justinsargeant.co.uk or visit my facebook page.


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The titles listed below are currently in one of the various stages of production and are expected to be released before too long:

There Be Dragons – Anthony D. Brown

When fellow student John Foremile turns up at his flat on a rain-sodden winter’s night, former Merchant Navy Captain Rex Slingsby thinks he’s in for just another boozy night down the pub. John, however, has come laden with a package of ancient looking manuscripts, and Rex is soon engrossed in reading an outlandish tale of a powerful, benevolent race of Dragons and of the human wizards hell-bent on destroying them.

Incredulous at first, the two friends quickly find themselves embroiled in an epic quest to rescue a fertile dragon’s egg, hidden over a thousand years before in a remote cave by its desperate mother. Pitted against them is a motley crew of twelve-foot Trolls, hellish hounds, and power-crazed Mafioso wizards, all of whom, it seems, will stop at nothing to bring Rex and John’s quest to a premature and deadly end.

There Be Dragons, book one of The Word Trilogy, introduces a brilliantly imagined and often disconcerting universe, sweeping readers breathlessly along from cosy bachelor pads to desolate Welsh mountainsides; from state-of-the-art yachts to mind boggling planets thousands of light years away.

Necromancer – Shawn P. Cormier

Transported to a cursed land, Ilien must seek and destroy the one thing that can never be destroyed. His only hope lies with a horribly deformed child he unknowingly maimed, and a mystical woman whose past is secretly entwined with his. If he succeeds, he may never see his home again. If he fails, he will forever be known as . . . the Necromancer.

Feldrog’s Sting – John Houghton

Trees are being destroyed by monsters. A giant highway scars the land as Feldrog’s mighty army advances on the Great Forest of Alamore. Oswain has disappeared and the forest folk are in rebellion as old enemies reappear. Only the secret Guild of the White Eagle and those sheltering in the enchanted glade remain true.

Joshua, Sophie and Andrew are separated at the start of their mission. Each of them has to overcome the terrible fear that Feldrog inflicts on those who oppose him. The flame of hope flickers as the world of Caris Meriac reaches its eleventh hour and even the city of Castelfion looks set to fall. Have the followers of Elmesh finally met their match? Or do Trotter’s strange words hold the key to a stunning future?

The Kidnapped Prince – John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young

It’s not easy to let your apprentice run the show…

Gungren is tired of waiting to become a full-fledged wizard, but Whizzfiddle isn’t one who takes well to his apprentices pushing him around.

Unfortunately, the Fates have decided to give one of their infamous quests to the tiny fellow, leaving Whizzfiddle with little choice but to lend his support. On top of that, it seems there was something more to the spell that had transformed Gungren from a dumb Giant into the smart, squat, wizard wanna-be.

Heliok, the Fate who masterminded The Twelve (the gods who created all of Ononokin), has been told that the percentage of believers has dwindled to unacceptable rates. If he doesn’t get it fixed within 90 days, he’ll be pushing a mop around for the janitorial department for the next thousand years.

As fortune would have it, the perfect quest has risen to the occasion.

Prince Jack Nubbins has gone missing and Princess Jill Henroot needs a wizard to help her find him before their wedding day!

Saving Major Wiggles – John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young

Who needs a Master Wizard anyway?

Major Wilbur Wiggles doesn’t know it yet, but all four of his older brothers have been killed in combat. The military brass has tried to notify him, but the Major’s squad has gone dark because their radios are out.

Spotting an opportunity, the Fates summon Gungren for the second leg of his three-part Fate Quest.

They task him with hunting down Major Wiggles on behalf of the army. His goal is to find the man, get him to army headquarters, and then take him back home so that Mrs. Wiggles doesn’t lose her only remaining son.

As if that wasn’t tough enough, Gungren and Whizzfiddle had a falling out. That means Gungren won’t have his master’s help during this quest…or will he?

The Ultimate Dragon Fighting Championship – John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young

It’s The Main Event!

The final leg of Gungren’s three-part Fate Quest has been set in stone, and it’s a doozy.

The Ultimate Dragon Fighting Championship (UDFC) only occurs once every ten years. This is the 100th running. That means lights, cameras, and coverage like never before. Plus, the reigning champion, a dragon known as Crazell, can hit a milestone of twenty-five consecutive title defenses if she can pull in another win.

The Fate known as Heliok has entered Gungren into the tournament and the little giant must do his best to take home the prize. This is a problem considering that Gungren is not known as someone who enjoys hurting others.

On top of that, there’s a mob boss who has one of his own fighters in the match. As a general rule, crime bosses don’t like to lose, meaning he’ll go a long way to make sure his contestant comes out on top.

Translation: There’s a lot of danger in Gungren’s future.

While he doesn’t have to actually win the tournament, showing up at all is a dicey situation. In fact, there’s a better than average chance that he’ll end up in the Afterlife during his first bout.

But Gungren has little choice in the matter…unless he wants to turn back into a big dumb giant and lose his dream of becoming a full wizard once and for all.

Inner Space – Merlin Fraser

‘Before man can travel into outer space he must first
explore and conquer the inner space of his mind.’
Professor Harman Jones – 1995.

How well do you know your best friend?

How would you react if he was suddenly arrested for murder?

At 45 years of age with a broken childless marriage behind him, Detective Inspector Nick Burton is just coasting through life. That is until the day his boss, Chief Superintendent Dan Davies is arrested and charged with murder. In denial, Nick’s attempts to get at the truth are further hampered when Dan dies while in custody. Question is, did he commit suicide to avoid prosecution or was he murdered to prevent a scandal?

The deeper Nick delves into Dan’s life, the more he realises how little he really knew about the man. Someone sends Nick a ten year old video of a college professor giving a lecture, the content of which, although interesting, seems to have no bearing on this or any other case, whatsoever. However, when the same professor turns up at Dan’s funeral, Nick has to think again. The professor, now in a wheelchair, is accompanied by two assistants who act more like minders, one of them a beautiful woman whose startling green eyes draw Nick deep into her web.

Somewhere in the background, someone is leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for Nick to follow and he starts to resent the feeling of manipulation. Why don’t they just come forward and tell him what they know? If it was bad news about Dan, would he believe them? He has to find out the truth for himself.

As he puts the pieces together Nick is drawn into the mysterious world of parapsychology and psychic phenomena to a conclusion that belies everything he thought he understood. But beneath the academic calm of Cambridge University there lurks a dangerous undertow that everyone seems to have missed.